Reach trucks for narrow aisle – RTS

Its narrow profile and swiveling forks allow operators to fully maneuver in tight environments, and it’s the perfect truck to work alongside our range of high-end order pickers. Enjoy the smallest transfer aisle in the industry (3.7m) and can be raised up to a full 10.3m

Performance gains

When used with guided aisle systems, whether floor-mounted rails or under-floor cables, operators can fully focus on stacking. Loads can be lifted as soon as the truck is in the aisle, and diagonal shifting and lifting performance gains are typically 15-20% faster than free range trucks.

Additional features

Optional extras include a storage height preselector and camera monitoring system that further improve efficiency and visibility, as well as a unique cold storage option that provides the most robust cold storage cabinet in the industry. which offers complete protection insulation for the conductor in temperatures. down to minus 30C.