The comprehensive solution to your logistics and warehousing needs

CTB GROUP is a specialist in equipment for moving goods in settings such as warehouse logistics, ports and airports, construction, mining and agriculture.

A group in movement

We provide a fully personalised service for moving goods adapted to the needs of each one of our clients.



All our equipment has the most comprehensive safety systems on the market.

Exclusive distributors

With the distribution of top level brands such as Heli and TCM, we are established as the main equipment supplier.

Global Presence

Representation in Spain, Panama, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Benin, the Netherlands and Belgium.


A wide range of equipment for different sectors

Electric trucks

Pallet trucks

Electric stackers

Order picking korklifts

Counterbalanced Electric Forklifts


Transportable forklift

Reliable brands

We work with top brands, which allows us to offer reliability

Logotipo Combilift - Distribuye CTB Group
Logotipo D'avino - Distribuye CTB Group
Logotipo Manitou - Distribuye CTB Group
Logotipo TCM - CTB Group
Logotipo Ar Racking - Ctb Group
Logotipo Hidromek - Distribuye CTB Group
Logotipo Perlini - Ctb Group
Logotipo Umacon - Distribuye CTB Group
Logotipo Angel Mir - CTB Group

Frequent asked questions

Is there after-sale assistance?
We have the technical and commercial structure to offer complete monitoring from delivery through our after-sales assitance.
What is the guarantee of the equipment?
We work with equipment from the most renowned brands on the market, supporting monitoring of their proper operation.
Do you carry out any type of training for drivers?
Yes, and we also advise and train technicians who must carry out maintenance on the equipment.
To which sectors do we supply equipment?
Practically all sectors: agriculture, construction, industry, aeronautics, defence, environmental and mining.

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